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happiness is taking selfies in Italy

We are Peter & Tammy.  Welcome!

Italy was a place we wanted to see… in the future.  It wasn’t until our beloved sister-in-law, CK lost her battle with cancer that we really understood life is very short.  Sadly, she never was able to fulfill her dream of going to Italy.  It was from that point forward that we took the actual steps to make our 1st trip to Italy a reality.  So far, we have been to Italy 4 times (2011, 2013, 2015 & 2017).  We are currently planning our next trip in 2019 and the next one in 2021.

It may seem strange to you that we are planning our trips so far in advance, but this is how it works best for us.  We are always on the lookout for new places to explore in Italy from a multitude of sources.  Our first trip to Italia was all over the map, because we didn’t know if we would return and we needed to see the quintessential destinations.  After 4 trips, we are more relaxed and efficient with our time and travel.  It’s exciting to discover places we have never heard of and this fuels our love of Italy even more.  For us, it’s important to be travelers vs. tourists We are (slowly) learning the Italian language in the hope that we can enrich our experiences as we make our way around this amazing country.

So… are you getting inspired to plan your trip or are you still just dreaming of going to Italy?  If you are reading this, chances are you would love to go one day but are not sure when it will be?  Maybe in a couple years?  Maybe when the kids are older?  Just maybe the thought of it is just too overwhelming and you can do is dream about it?


We want to encourage you to take the plunge and do it!


You won’t regret it.  Italy is AWESOME.  There will be some bumps along the way but they are minor compared to all the amazing experiences you will have.  We are excited to share our adventures, photos and tips to inspire you to make your dream vacation come true.


Below are our first 3 recommendations for YOUR dreams to become a reality.


  1. Start researching everything you can about Italy.  One of the first things we do when planning a trip is to pick up the newest edition of Rick Steves guidebook (www.ricksteves.com).  Talk to anyone who has been to Italy and get their recommendations.  Check out Pinterest and (our link).  Follow some Italian groups on Facebook.  Check out #italyphoto on Instagram for inspirational photos.  Get motivation from as many sources as you can and make a list.
  2. Set a reasonable departure date (within 2 years) and constantly reaffirm the month and year (June 2019) you will be traveling, instead of not committing to a real time frame.  Once you commit to a date – it will happen!
  3. Calculate how much money you will need and start saving – the more the better!  Save enough so you don’t have to use credit and face huge bills when you return from your holiday.  We will have a post in the future to help you figure out how much you will need to save.

Congratulations!  You have taken the first step on your journey to Italy.

April 20th is a very significant date in our lives and on this day in 2016 our blog became public.  We hope you enjoy Our Italian Romance!