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Ciao Amici!


Let us inspire you to plan your trip to Italy.  Discover for yourself this land of beautiful vistas, amazing food, rich culture and love of life.  Why?  Because life is short. Go out and broaden your life experiences, it will enrich your soul.

Our goal is to expose you to and guide you through some of the Italian adventures we have had the pleasure of experiencing while discovering this incredibly diverse country.

We will recommend places for you to see and accommodations we’ve enjoyed.  We’ll offer up tips, share photos and talk everything Italy to help make your trip a success.  We truly want you to enjoy your trip to Italy like we have on ours.  If we can give you some good advice and save you some headaches along the way, then we’ll consider this blog a success.

With a little pre-planning you will insure yourself a vacation with much less stress.  Trust us, stressing out on a train platform while buying tickets is not a highlight!

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Let’s get started, your dream trip to Italy is waiting!


Nightwalkers of Milano… we walked among them


Milano by day
The Wonderful Light of Day


There is a sense of security that comes with travelling in the light of day.  Sunlight has a way of easing our anxieties when we are out and about in strange lands.  It gives us courage to wander down narrow cobblestone lanes in the hopes of finding some hidden secret nook. Read more

It’s Our 1st Anniversary!

 Thank you for sharing it with us

It's Our Anniversary
One Year & Counting…

Exactly one year ago today, we launched Our Italian Romance ~ the blog.  What we can honestly say is, it’s been a steep but rewarding learning curve!

We certainly enjoy sharing our stories with you and welcome your feedback.  The thing we have going for us is we are enthusiastic about sharing our experiences and we have tons of ideas for upcoming posts. However, with this said, there are unfortunate realities we are faced with.

  • The staff writer is slooooow!  (me)
  • Our editor (Tamara) is overworked from proofing a multitude of drafts
  • We are easily distracted by Netflix, Facebook, Google and sleep

This summer we will be returning to Italy, the land of vino, cappuccino, pasta and margherita pizza.  Even though this trip is primarily for pleasure, we will be actively searching for stories of interest to share with all of you.

Thanks again for your support, come back and visit us often… and bring friends!  We are trying to grow our blog. 😉

Ciao Amici







Dreaming of Seafood in Vernazza… a very fishy story


On second thought.... wanna trade?
Check out my mussels


If seafood is your weakness, then Vernazza will bring you to your knees.

As seafood lovers go, I would consider myself to be a part time lover.  There are a number of dishes that I am sweet on, but only one or two of them have my heart.  Tamara on the other hand is a seafood connoisseur.  She is far more adventurous than I could ever be. While she looks forward to eating things like octopus ink pasta, I just find it hard to look at.

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Our Top 10 List of Italian Churches

Magnificent Mosaic
Looking to the Heavens


Here we go, our first top 10 list of churches.  Well… it’s our first top 10 of anything for that matter!

We chose churches,  aka – Chiesa, Cattedrale, Duomo, Basilica for our first top ten list because they are the central attraction of any city, town or village throughout Italy.  You’ll be hard pressed to pass by these magnificent symbols of faith without taking at least one sneak peak inside.  The need to see what lies behind their impressive doors is hard to ignore.

A beautiful thing about these churches is that they are welcoming to all travellers regardless of your own personal faith.  All that is required is for visitors to be respectful while they are inside and to speak softly since there are many who have come to worship.


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Venice… she made me do it.


Traffic Jam
Venetian Traffic Jam


Venice was not high on “my” list of places to see when we planned our first ever trip to Italy.


In fact, it wasn’t on my list at all.  I’ll let you in on a little something about myself.  It’s been said, at times I may be guilty of prejudging before really giving things their fair chance.  Not always, but in the case of travelling to Venice, it happens to be true.  Let me explain myself.


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Cats of Italy – A Purrfect Story

Beware of Italian Cats


Pssst…I’m going to let you in on a little something.  The internet is full of cats.  They’re everywhere!


Go ahead, google cats.  I did… 665,000,000 results!!!  That my friends is a staggering amount of cat chat going on.  If each one of those results were a 2″ long coughed up hairball, they would circle the globe 383 or so times laid end to end.

 With that image in your head,  our post “Cats of Italy” is going to be number 665,000,001.  


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Gelato is Italy’s Perfect Treat

Come and Get It
Come and Get It

Oooh Gelato, I love you…

Alright I’ll come clean… I love gelato.  Or maybe I should say “I love eating gelato in Italy.”   The ritual of going on an evening stroll along one of the shop lined via’s is one of my favorite ways to wind up the day.  Gelato is also a great way to deal with the mid day heat.  Oh sure, you may think that’s just a quick way to pack on the pounds but truth be told,  after all the walking we do sightseeing,  we have yet to gain weight.  Now if we could only keep it up at home we’d be doing great.



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Driving in Italian Cities

Heavy traffic on small roads
Cars, Scooters and Buses Oh My


So… you’re planning on doing some driving in Italian cities on your next vacation, is that right?

I applaud your confidence but worry about your decision!  Now, I realize you may be a great driver at home wherever that may be but… driving in many of the bigger Italian centers is in a word, Crazy.


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Walk with the Romans


Let’s start our walk with the Romans in, where else… Roma.


Now that you have decided a trip to the Italian peninsula to walk with the Romans is in your future, it’s time to choose the places you want to see.  It may seem like that would be an easy thing to do.  Not so much!  There are just so many  sights and not enough time for you to see everything.




Why Rome?  To keep it simple, it’s where it all began for the Roman Empire.  This is where the foundations of law, art and culture for future western civilizations were laid.


To simplify it even more, Rome is an amazing living history lesson.  The old city lets you walk with the Romans of past centuries along the via they once did.  In doing so, you also become part of that history.

With that said, you need to start somewhere.  Roma, The Eternal City,  is a great place to begin your adventure.  Rome is a must see if you think this may be your only trip to Italy. Skipping  Roma is like skipping the African elephants while on safari in Kenya.  Sure you saw the rhinos, lions and hippos but, you’ll have missed the big one.  Trust me, you’ll kick yourself later.


At first sight
Love at First Sight

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Florence – Our Tale of Two Cities

The View from the Giotto's (Bell) Tower
The Duomo in Firenze


Unlike Charles Dickens’ 1859 novel “A Tale of Two Cities”, our tale of two cities is technically the same place, Florence.  Hang in there folks, it’ll make sense soon…


Florence for us is really two cities.  Florence of 2011 and Florence of 2015.  I’ll stop talking in riddles now and fill you in on the details.


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