Agriturismo – Antico Borgo Poggiarello

This awesome agriturismo awaits you
Antico Borgo Poggiarello


Agriturismo (a-gree-two-reez-mo).  What’s an agriturismo you ask?   Google translate refers to it as a farmhouse or a farm holiday.  We just call them Fantastic!  In a nutshell, an agriturismo is a family run farm which opens their doors to guests. Doing this helps the family subsidize their income allowing them to keep their farming way of life alive and well.  To qualify as an agriturismo the farm must produce 51% of its income from farming.  The remaining 49% of income can be generated by hosting guests.


Not only are agriturismos good business for small farms in Italy, they are equally good for us as travellers.


There are rewards for leaving the big cities of Italy to relax in one of these hillside country farms. “Tell me more Peter!”
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Driving in Italian Cities

Heavy traffic on small roads
Cars, Scooters and Buses Oh My


So… you’re planning on doing some driving in Italian cities on your next vacation, is that right?

I applaud your confidence but worry about your decision!  Now, I realize you may be a great driver at home wherever that may be but… driving in many of the bigger Italian centers is in a word, Crazy.


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